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#LD38 #FamiliarForever devlog - A Giant's Life (part I)

I think this is my first English blog post ever, but as Ludum Dare is a worldwide event, it's a good idea to share this process in a more international way :)

We started our own Ludum Dare event a bit before the official kickstart because we wanted to enjoy the friday afternoon in our timezone. The procedure was simple: we made a virtual "theme selection", with local jammers voting the themes available in the final round. We've been lucky because the official theme and our theme match! It seems like we're a good statistical sample!

My goal is to make a little game using ZGB, a game boy engine based in GBDK made by my friend Zalo. I'm not very good at coding in C (or any language really), so it's going to be a real challenge! I'm reading a lot of code used in the other two games we made last year and I'm kind of learning :D

My idea is to make a classic platformer game, in which you control a giant. You're so big that you destroy everything around you! I need to think about the core mechanics to make it fun, but my plans by the moment are:
  • controlling the position of a double 16x16 sprite (I've never done this before, but it's kind of working right now). I've had some problems defining the collider height, but now it's working properly.
  • controlling the animations using player states wisely
  • detecting collisions and triggering animations in the environment
To sum up: I'd like to have the "engine" today, so I can make all assets tomorrow. I'm quite fast at producing music, sound effects and graphics.

So that's all by the moment. Wish me luck!

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