sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Music for hangdrum and bouzouki

Yesterday I had the chance to record a live performance by Javi "Hang" and David Martin at Colombre, a new place in Sevilla devoted to literature and arts. It was a very nice evening with exotic melodies and rhythms, based in two different timbres that mix really well: hangdrums and bouzouki. Javi used three different hangdrums, tuned in A, D and G, while David played bouzouki and nylon guitar. Both played the peruvian cajon at some point.

The hangdrum is a new Swiss instrument based in the traditional Caribbean steel drums, while the bouzouki is a Turkish / Greek kind of guitar with four pairs of strings that has a very strong Mediterranean sound.

After doing a bit of editing, I've just uploaded the whole recording to archive.org, so you can download and share it for free (yes I got the permission of the authors). The tracks have lots of "air ambience", but they are quite an accurate document of what sounded in that little stage, and IMHO they sound very natural. Hope you enjoy this.

Link: Javi Hang and David Martin live.

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