martes, 3 de diciembre de 2019

Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Patches Error

I'm sure many of you have purchased BBC Symphony Orchestra sample library by Spitfire Audio during black friday / cyber monday special offers! It's a very nice deal TBH: patches are amazing and sample quality is top. But it seems like lots of Windows users are getting a message error when they load the vst-i in their DAWs. It's labeled as "ERROR #1".

If you click on "Let's fix it", the link will take you to a LABs help site, which is not what you really need... The chat service is OK, but they have lots of work after the sale, so be prepared to wait for a long time.

The usual problem is that the vst-i can't find the patches / presets, and that will happen if you aren't using the same user you had to log on before installing, something very common if you use a company computer. But, how can we tell the vst-i where's the stuff? Well, the most reasonable option would be to have a "locate content" option in the interface, as Kontakt has, but... It doesn't exist. And no, the "relocate" option in Spitfire Audio App won't work.

The solution I've found: you just have to search for the file, which should be located in a path like C:\Users\adminuser\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings. Note that adminuser is the username you used to install the software. Note also that AppData is a hidden folder by default.

Copy the whole Settings folder and paste it in your AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings, overwriting and... voila! It's alive!

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