miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

#LD38 #FamiliarForever devlog - A Giant's Life (part III)

Is this a post-mortem? Kind of! I'd like to keep on working on the project, so I can say this is a post-mortem of the compo version :)

This has been my first Ludum Dare Compo and it's been TOUGH. My main problems have been two:
  • It was my first time trying to make a game with this engine... and it was also the first time in a while coding in C
  • I didn't really have a gameplay concept
I just wanted to implement collisions, animations, etc. I was stuck in many stupid problems and I just couldn't manage all the tasks in time. I came with this short little demo that, at least, works :D You can give the code a look in this GitHub repo. Please remember that I'm not a coder, so any advice will be more than welcome!

It's a shame that I didn't find the time to make any audio for this :(

I want to find the time to think about the project and make a simple finished game!

My previous experience in Super Princess' 2092 EXODUS was very different, because Zalo was doing all the code stuff and I just had to make graphics, animations, music and sound effects.

BTW I organized a little local site in my city, Sevilla. We only had a special rule: everyone had to wear a hat!! The ambience was great and very enjoyable. The last time I was in a jam with less than 30 people was looong ago :) Thanks to everyone who shared the whole weekend with us!! You can check every game made in our local site in this link.

I'm willing to repeat the experience, but I think that the next jam will be Bit Bit Jam #4 this summer. Is anyone up for a local event? ;D